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ENL vs ESL Essay Writers: Pros and Cons

Most academic assistance companies offer you a choice between several categories of writers. There are ENL experts, which are writers for whom English is a native language, and the ESL category, which stands for specialists who perceive English as their second language. Papers completed by native speakers are more expensive; however, ghostwriting services assure you that the 20-40% you have to pay for a higher category of a writer can dramatically improve the quality of your assignments. But does it?

Why are ENL writers more expensive?

It is all about the place where an employee lives. Most ENL writers are from the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand; so, from countries where minimum wages are high. To make their living, these writers have to demand more money for their work.

On the other hand, most ESL writers are from countries where average wages are low, like India, Africa, and Eastern European countries, and they can be paid less than ENL writers—but good enough in economical conditions of their places of living. Everyone wins from such cooperation.

What are the guarantees of an ESL writer’s high qualifications?

These guarantees are true only for reliable ghostwriting companies that have a strict hiring process. To work with a trustworthy academic assistance service, an applicant has to pass tests on English and disciplines he or she is specialized in. Some services gather more information about their employees and ask for copies of diplomas and recommendations.

Don’t forget that good English isn’t everything a writer should have to complete a paper on a complex subject. Fortunately, physics laws, chemical formulas, and mathematical equations are a language of their own, which requires preciseness to a greater degree than perfect writing skills. And frankly speaking, teachers of these subjects rarely pay attention to minor grammatical flaws if the calculus in the assignment is correct.

In which cases is an ENL writer a better option?

There are two cases when you can benefit from a ghostwriter for whom English is his or her mother tongue. When you are yourself a native speaker, it is better to order papers from experts whose background and vocabulary are similar to yours. Even the greatest writers will make mistakes they haven’t learned from in their childhood. These flaws will be minor, but a good teacher will point them out.

The second case is when you are not a native speaker. By ordering your assignment from an ENL writer, you will receive a perfect piece of text you can rely on. If you use an assignment that was delivered to you by an academic assistance service as an example for your own writing, it is better to have a perfect piece of writing as a sample. Use ENL specialists’ help this way and your writing will highly benefit from new vocabulary and set phrases unique to native speakers.

Our recommendations

1. Find a writing service with several levels of control

The most reliable essay writing services have editors and proofreaders who double-check papers completed by their writers before an order is delivered to a client. These companies also provide free revisions, which means you can ask your writing service to make some changes to your paper when it is already written and sent to you.

2. Don’t forget that your teacher knows your writing style

To make sure you won’t be accused of using a ghostwriter’s help, some precautions should be used. Always read a paper you bought online before turning it in. Eliminate discrepancies in its writing style with yours by rewriting the assignment you receive.

Some companies offer their clients samples by assigned experts. Check them out to make sure your writer’s skills can satisfy your needs.

3. Customize your request to get a unique paper

In some cases, you can set requirements for the writer you’ve hired in terms of vocabulary and language constructions. To receive personalized writing from an assistance service, choose additional options carefully. It is your responsibility to fill in an order form and decide which extras you need to get the most authentic paper possible.

4. Choose a writer according to your assignment

Pieces of creative writing, compositions, and application essays, for example, should be completed with no grammatical mistakes and can be entrusted to ENL specialists. Stiff language and cliches, which are often used by people for whom English is not their mother tongue, can also decrease the mark you will get for an essay.

On the other hand, there is no need to overpay for perfect grammar by an ENL writer if you need an assignment on formal disciplines. Moreover, in cases of rare and difficult subjects, most of the writing services will add an extra charge for the complexity of an order. So, an additional payment for a higher category of writer might make your order a golden one.

5. Find a happy medium

Some academic assistance services offer more than two categories of experts. As a rule, in addition to basic ESL writers and a premium ENL category, there are advanced specialists which have vast experience in the field, great feedback from previous customers, or special rewards from the company. Opt for this category if you want to hire someone better than an average writer but still have doubts concerning ENL specialists.

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