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Ebony Models Party and Pose During Meet the Models

The sounds of music, laughter and a good time filled the Short/Denney courtyard the evening of Sept. 20 as Ebony Models kicked off the fall semester with their Meet the Models party.

Students in the Short/Denney dorm could not help but to join in the party by either singing tunes from their dorm room windows or joining the crowd below as they line-danced and sang nostalgic tunes.

As Ebony Models’ first event, members had no idea how great of a turnout the event would have, junior Ebony Models secretary Dalonia Jenkins said.

News of the event spread by word of mouth and with a vibrantly colored Instagram flyer that matched the organization’s royal purple and black colors.

The Ebony Models’ executive board and senior Ashtone Dixon, lead choreographer and emcee for the night, were the brains behind the operation.

Dixon hopes to not only make Ebony Models a more well-known organization around campus, but also to give the freshman models a taste of the type of events the organization plans on putting on in the future.

The Short/Denney courtyard was decorated to resemble a backyard get-together, complete with a DJ and wooden stage for the models to strut down.

The event began promptly at 7 p.m. as 40 models of all classifications, genders and backgrounds mixed and mingled with the crowd. The high energy level kept everyone on their feet and in good spirits.

Once it was time for the models to present individually, each model had a chance to work the catwalk as the emcee announced each one’s name, classification, major and philosophy on life.

Most freshman models, like Montanna Jackson, were recruited by Ebony Models during Conway Daze.

“Growing up, I always had dreams of being a contestant on ‘America’s Next Top Model.’ Once I saw the opportunity to enhance my modeling skills on campus and make friends, I jumped at the chance to be involved,” Jackson said.

Within a week of being a part of the organization, Jackson said she began to consider other models as part of her UCA family.

Parties are not the only events Ebony Models plan to have on campus. An upcoming fall fashion show, a spring show and other events are on their agenda.

Jenkins said the organization plans to encourage its members to volunteer, become more confident, gain modeling experience and enhance their overall experience at UCA.

Although tryouts for Ebony Models have already passed, students hoping to become involved in the organization can support events for their fall 2018 and spring 2019 season. Stay updated on all things Ebony Models by following their Instagram page @ucaebonymodels.

Photo by Aysha Dixon

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