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Decorating a College Lobby? Why Not Try Decorative Signs?

It’s a good aesthetic decision.

And… It’s a branding tactic that’ll assist you in presenting a university that’s prosperous and top quality! This is why many universities and colleges smartly use reception area signs to deliver their message to their students and visitors.

And if you’re wondering how, then keep reading. Below, we’ll discuss the different ways that reception signs can help you!

First – Opens Up Room for Minimalist Décor

A sign of good aesthetic taste is minimalism.

If you can use less sensory stimulation while maintaining a pristine environment – you win.

And that’s what a decorative sign provides. A sign takes up a large portion of a wall, which automatically attracts attention.

In essence, a sign shifts the focus of a room to it. And it makes the need for excess décor useless!

What You Can Do Without.

You now don’t need useless portraits, photos, plants – and excess furniture lurking around your lobby.

You can keep it empty and glistening. And you can simply focus on adjusting the walls, furniture, and the reception basics!

The clean and empty environment will mesmerize visitors immediately. With less clutter, you’ll make an excellent impression on new students!

Second – Instruction Signs

Reception rooms are a place to create impressions.

So a prestigious college should have a spacious and organized reception room. And this means having signs that warn off bad behavior.

You can achieve that with signs that are simple, visible, but not too spacious.


You can have a no-smoking sign that’s simply pure imagery. And you can have that present close to seating areas in the reception.

You can also have subtle signs that show the location of certain offices. They’ll help guide applicants, while making their inquiries easier!

Third – You Can Use Quality Material

In-door decorative signs aren’t like those used outdoors.

You don’t have to settle for outlandish neon lights, massive front boards, or quick-to-wear signs. You can get signs made of quality metal!

Often, you’re using something that’s shiny, and with a strong resilience to corrosion. And you’re adding beautiful colors to represent your institution’s logo!

The Advantages.

Metal sign posts are easy to clean. And they don’t wear out fast.

Over the long-term, this makes them cost-effective. And since they stick for the long-term, you can adapt your furniture choices to the décor!

Plus, unlike outdoor signs, metallic indoor signs aren’t exposed to weather. There’s no rain or wind to worry about.

Your only worries come from too much heat and accidental spills – and both are controllable.

In essence, those signs can last you years. Maintenance is quick, and it’s easy to keep them pristine!

Fourth – You Can Publish in 3D

3D signposts are always more visible. And you have more customization options!

For starters, you’re not restricted to using posts anymore. You can actually publish such décor as letters on a wall!

You don’t need a frame to surround your logos and text. All you have to do is ensure proper fit through size and color!

Next, you can customize depth. You can make a logo or sign standout by how the content “protrudes.”

And combined with the right lighting effects, you get décor that attracts attention with minimal effort!

Important Note.

Before embarking on a 3D décor tip, we recommend doing some research. Find out the tastes of times, and renovate accordingly!

Final Word

When picking decorative signs, always remember that it’s about branding.

If you’re working with a design team, be sure to pick what send out the best impression of your college.

That is, try not to create a reception room in accordance to your “personal tastes.” After all, your tastes might not match the identity of the location!

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