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Country Star Makes ‘Big Noise’

Five-time Grammy winner Wynonna Judd and The Big Noise calmly and confidently took the Reynolds Performance Hall stage Sept. 18, while the crowd whistled, clapped and shouted with excitement.

Judd started out the concert with her hit song “Mama He’s Crazy.” The audience, which consisted mostly of people above the age of 30, sang along with the songs and clapped to the beat, while some even danced.

One member of the crowd shouted, “Sing us some Elvis.” Judd responded by saying, “Many people may not understand why she just said that, but I have these Twitter followers that have been to many of my shows and know a lot about my story.”

Judd said she used to tell people to call her Shelvis because Elvis was signed at age 18 and so was she. “So, I was next in line,” she said.

Throughout the show, Judd was comical and sassy. “I am a woman with attitude,” Judd said. “I have a great sense of humor because it saves me every day.”

Between songs, Judd told stories about herself and lessons she has learned. “I’ve been on the road 35 years,” she said. “There was a time when I was 18 and my mom left. I didn’t know if I could do it, but my fans did.”

Judd’s life lessons were reflective in her songs. Not only did her song lyrics complement the life lessons she shared, but her facial expressions and gestures did, too.

“Wynonna’s career has always revolved around telling stories,” states a description of Judd’s career from

Judd said she is grateful for where she is in her life. “I don’t think I was as grateful at 18,” Judd said. “But as you get older, you just get it.”

Judd wore dark clothes that contrasted her bright red hair against the bright lights.

While Judd’s voice was strong and bold, her band is called “The Big Noise” for a reason; each member played multiple instruments and flaunted impressive solos.

The band is comprised of five men playing instruments including the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, steel guitar, drums, tambourines and more.

The band’s drummer also happens to be Judd’s husband. Throughout the show, Judd would look at her husband and they would smile at each other.

At one point she said, “We make good rhythm together, honey.”

Judd talked about her role models, including Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash, comparing modern country music to country music when she was a child.

“I’m living in a time where I’m seeing country music change,” she said. “Now, I see these little puppies coming up, so I just stay quiet and stare a lot.”

During the show, a kid from the crowd was snapping pictures when Judd invited him onstage to take selfies with her and the band.

Toward the end of the show, Judd talked about finding her way in life. “I walk my own path and I’ve somehow found my niche, and it’s just being me,” she said.

After her last song, Judd received a standing ovation from the crowd while she blew her fans kisses.

Judd performed an encore, while her fans remained standing, hollering and cheering with anticipation.

The group will be on tour through the end of September before beginning “The Last Encore” tour with Judd’s mother Naomi.

For more information on this tour, visit

This article originally appeared in the Sep. 23. 2015 print edition of The Echo.

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