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Conway Business Owners Take Time at UCA to Network

The Conway Chamber of Commerce invited Conway business owners to a networking event called “Off The Clock” at the new Conway Corporation Center for Sciences on April 11.

The goal of the event was for businesses to take time off the clock to conduct business casually and to make new contacts.

The event gave businesses an opportunity to meet UCA’s new president Houston Davis and allow them to watch a showing of “A Tour of the Universe” in the Dr. Edmond E. Griffin Planetarium.

Conway Corporation president and CEO Brad Lacy said the businesses encouraged to attend include a broad range of the businesses within the community- everything from small retailers to large businesses.

 “Something the Chamber of Commerce does really well is creating networking opportunities for local businesses,”  Old Chicago general manager Charles Frost said.

Frost said that the Conway Chamber of Commerce compared to other Chamber of Commerces does an outstanding job with providing opportunities such as Off The Clock for Conway businesses to connect with one another.

Freelance graphic artist Robin Stauffer said that Off The Clock has greatly benefited her because she works from home.

“It gives me the opportunity to meet people in the community that I wouldn’t otherwise meet,” Stauffer said.

During the event President Davis recognized the new Conway Corporation Center for Sciences building as an invitation to the people of Conway to experience the sciences.

The newest addition to UCA was completed in October 2016 and Off The Clock is just one of the many events it has been utilized for since its completion.

CEO of Conway Corporation Richie Arnold said that the building benefits both students and faculty.

“Since Conway Corporation was founded in 1929 its main goal has been to support higher education,” Arnold said.

The next Off The Clock will be a celebration of Bret Carroll being named the new Conway Corporation CEO at the new Conway Corporation building on June 22.

Photo by Emily Gist

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