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Comedian Nick Guerra Shares Advice, Sarcasm With Students

He may have spilled his coffee, but comedian Nick Guerra did not drop the ball during his show on Sept. 14 in the Student Center Ballroom.

As Guerra walked onstage to the crowd’s applause, he spilled his coffee as he tried to set it on the ground. Instead of letting it mess up his flow, he just moved on to the comedy rather than stop for the coffee.

As the last few people arrived, Guerra started his routine by making self-deprecating jokes about his height. Having tall friends is a ‘no-no’ because talking to tall people feels like getting a lecture from parents, Guerra said.

Guerra went on to talk about how UCA is a great place to play Pokémon Go because of all the PokéStops on campus and said that he is a member of Team Mystic.

He then started speaking directly to specific members of the audience, making jokes about people’s names before focusing on a student couple.

Guerra asked two questions about their relationship, then suggested the girl was too good for her boyfriend.

“You can still return that to Wal-Mart,” Guerra said.

The audience laughed as Guerra picked fun at specific people, even those he was joking about.

One of the people Guerra joked about often would start clapping after Guerra had made one of his comments.

Guerra asked if anyone in the audience ever wore the same clothes two days in a row.

“I’m the type of person who if I don’t see you tomorrow, I’m gonna wear the same clothes,” which he said he learned from his mother.

“Your mom is the first criminal in your life, you realize that, right, ” Guerra said. “Everyone experiences ‘Mom Scam # 1.’ You go to a Chinese restaurant where you get the deals for being twelve and under. Your mom stops you outside and goes ‘Today you’re twelve.’”

Guerra also talked about relationships and his own troubles and said that women have to like specific things to like him.

“Women that like…Tim Burton and goth guys,” Guerra said.

Guerra advised the audience that when a couple moves in together, the man should always move in with the woman because it is easier.

“When men move in with you, they bring a bag of clothes, an Xbox and a flag—that’s it,” Guerra said.

In this way it can also be easier to kick out a guy if a relationship fails, because like Beyoncé sang, ‘everything you own is in a box to the left,’ Guerra said.

Guerra also had advice specifically for men when it came to arguments in relationships. He said men should avoid getting in a car when arguing with women, comparing it to a wrestling cage match.

“When you open that door for your girlfriend, all you’re doing is lifting the rope to help The Undertakeronto the mat,” Guerra said.

Guerra finished with his jokes about arguments and left the stage as the audience clapped, but stayed in the room and let people take pictures or talk to him.

Guerra cited his mother as a source for his style of comedy and sarcasm.

“We would be upset about something and she would go ‘Oh boohoo, nobody loves me, everybody hates me,” Guerra said. “It can be hard sometimes to realize that not everyone has that sense of sarcasm.”

Guerra was satisfied with how the show went, saying that sometimes it can be difficult at colleges where students analyze the jokes, and that didn’t happen at UCA.

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