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Black Box Gallery Holds Collage Exhibit

UCA’s Black Box Gallery, located in Schichtl Studio Arts Hall, celebrated the opening of its newest exhibit showcasing students’ collage work on Tuesday Feb. 18.

The exhibit, named “/kəˈläZH/,” displays 27 pieces of original artwork that were submitted for the show by UCA students. Senior Leah Roddey, senior Marie Desrochers and Greg Beene directed the exhibit and  selected the artwork that was displayed.

The exhibition was not a competition, but the three directors did announce their personal favorites from the 27 pieces. Desrochers chose a piece titled “Wonky #4” by senior artist Taylor Helfrich. Beene chose an untitled work by Kate Bramate as his favorite and Roddey chose an untitled piece by Holly Dickson.

“It is interesting for me when I see good collages,” co-director Beene said, “I am a sculptural artist so it is interesting for me to see how these artists create and express their art in a way that I don’t.”

The collages ranged in appearance and theme. Some pieces from the display were made of cloth and wood materials. Helfrich’s creation, one of the director’s favorites, was made entirely of paper and glue.

“It was a long process making this but I started with some match boxes and a scanner and that’s how I wonked it out,” Helfrich said. “After that I just glued it all together.”

The exhibit will be open for viewing for two more weeks. After that, the gallery workers will clean it out and set up for the next display. The Black Box Gallery will host artwork from the Abandoned Arkansas starting on March 3.

For more information about the Black Box Gallery’s schedule or information on how to submit work to an upcoming exhibit visit or email them at [email protected]

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