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Baum Gallery introduces four new exhibits, attracts many

UCA hosted the first Baum Gallery art opening for the 2014 spring semester, introducing four new exhibits showcasing a wide variety of artists.

A public reception was held 5-7 p.m. Jan 16.

The four exhibits included in the opening were Deb Schwedhelm’s “Whispers from the Sea,” Kirsten Kindler’s “Paper Construction,” “Drawing Blood and Guts: The Best of Contemporary Medical Illustration” and “Recollections Transformed: An Interaction Installation Inspired by the Work of Miranda July.”

A line of viewers waited for the doors to open and a steady flow of attendees moved throughout the gallery during the reception.

The first room of the gallery contains three walls of medical illustrations by 17 different artists.

The content of the illustrations are cellular structures, a variety of organs, bones and ventricle systems, diseases and more, with most of the illustrations focusing on one area of these systems.

All illustrations are medically accurate, as well as visually clear, precise and finely detailed.

Many of the artists have works in famous medical science books, magazines, web sites and museums.

Junior Alyssa Woods said the bright colors drew her in.

“It was interesting because they are layered with colors as well as medical illustrations,” Woods said.

In the second gallery, Kindler’s works fill four walls and sections of the main floor.

Works made from collected magazine cutouts are fitted together in a variety of patterns to create intricate designs.

Some of the designs are showcased in frames, others on the walls and some stretch fully from floor to ceiling.

The delicate cutouts contain images that are related to one another, such as staircases, tire rims or electronic devices.

In the third gallery, Schwedhelm displays a body of photography focused around her children and water.

The images are all black and white and are not only taken of water, but also taken in water.

While the photographs vary from clear to blurry, they all contain a similar theme.

The third gallery also showcases an interactive installation being put together by the UCA art department in collaboration with Hendrix College.

The “Recollections Transformed” project was inspired by famous artist, actor and writer Miranda July, who will come to UCA in February.

Attendees were welcome to participate and become part of the artwork by writing or drawing an image of a bad memory or something that they wanted to let go of.

They were then instructed to white out and cover up the memory.

The artists name would then be written at the bottom of the paper and collected. The ‘erased’ memories will be gathered and stacked in the center of the third gallery room for a collaborative work of art.

Pictures will be taken and it will be displayed with images from a similar project that is taking place at Hendrix University.

Baum Gallery Director Barclay McConnell said, “Because there are four exhibitions happening at once, I think there’s something to intrigue anybody.”

Acoustic folk artists Jeni Holland, Trey Gibson and Jacob Pledger provided musical entertainment.

These exhibits are on display until Feb. 20.

For Baum Gallery information and hours of operation please visit

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