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Artist amazes audience

Filmmaker, writer and artist Miranda July shared her experience of becoming a writer and how it affects her personal life when she visited campus Feb. 13. 

July held a question and answer session with students that morning in Win Thompson Hall and a public reading and book signing in the College of Business lobby that evening.

July visited a part of the UCA College of Fine Arts and Communication’s Artists in Residence program.

July inspired the audience with her unique perspective.

“You give in to distraction as if it is a murderer,” she said. “You lay there, waiting to be killed. Today: fight for your life.”

July said when she has an idea or urgency of wanting to make something such as a short film or story, she goes for it without having a green light.

July said some of the creativity in her stories comes from the past and other people’s personalities.

Once she starts writing a film script or creative work, July said she tends to continue with that project and not start a new one.

She writes a variety of stories from other points of view.

July said one of her visions is to make a film with non-actors from her neighborhood, which would be something different for viewers.

Professors and students in the audience were amazed at her journey.

July said for her, school prevented her from starting her life.

“I was never academic,” she said. “I fight all conventions until they become useful to me.”

July wrote, directed and starred in her first feature length film, “Me and You and Everyone We Know” in 2005.

July said before she becomes another character in a film story, she has to be able to feel like that character before performing.

July created the participatory website for unknown artists to show their work and talents. The website provides a network for those who want to connect with others and share their work with others.

Senior Taylor Hicks said she had never heard of July before being told she was coming to UCA.

“She was delightful and her readings were entertaining, yet so in tune with how people really are,” she said. “I can’t wait to buy and read her new novel.”

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