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Alpha Sigma Phi recruits founding father class for fraternity

Alpha Sigma Phi Expansion and Growth Coordinator Beau Loendorf said the fraternity is looking for UCA’s top 40-50 men to become founding fathers of its newest colony.

The colony is the first in Arkansas.

“We challenge our men to help define what a fraternity gentleman is and also to be the leading organization in service hours and philanthropic support,” he said.

“I believe Alpha Sig will join the amazing Greek life here and give more men the opportunity to get a better experience out of their time at UCA.”

Loendorf said he is interviewing and looking for guys who want to join.

“The men who join will go through a pledge ceremony, followed by three-four weeks of founding father education, and then new member education before they get initiated in April,” he said.

Loendorf said the fraternity has about 20 men thus far and that they will have close to 30 by the end of this week.

After completing all requirements, the colony will become a chapter.

Freshman pledge Jace Evans said he saw an opportunity in Alpha Sigma Phi that he hadn’t seen before.

“An opportunity to be a founding father of a fraternity isn’t something that comes around every day, and the chance that this gives to leave a legacy on campus is amazing,” he said.

Freshman pledge Brent Sims said he joined to be a part of something new on campus instead of being another number in another fraternity.

“Being a founding father of ASP here on campus is something special and not everyone [has]that opportunity,” he said.

Sophomore pledge Drew Smith said he was excited about the fraternity.

“This was a unique way for us to leave our mark on UCA,” he said. “I wanted to join because I’ve always wanted to be in a fraternity and this looked like an awesome opportunity.”

Evans said Alpha Sigma Phi differs from other fraternities because it is a blank canvas.

“[It’s] something that can be formed by the guys that are willing to take the steps,” he said. “It is full of creative opportunity that only lacks the people to put it to use.”

Smith said the members are not typical fraternity boys.

“We’re more about quality than quantity,” he said.

Loendorf said the fraternity members live by the values of silence, charity, purity, honor and patriotism.

Sophomore pledge Jordan McKay said he probably wouldn’t have joined a fraternity if Alpha Sigma Phi hadn’t come to UCA.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to experience brotherhood in a way I never have before,” he said.

Loendorf said the fraternity is looking for men and he would love to meet with anyone who is interested this week. “This is the last opportunity to be part of the first founding father class,” he said.

Prospective members can contact Loendorf at (303) 905- 6521.

Other information can be found on its national website:

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