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All Greek Step Show returns

Fraternities and sororities around campus will have a chance to show their moves at the 14th annual All Greek Step Show 7 p.m. Thursday in the Farris Center.

The event was planned by the newly formed All Greek Council.

Before this year’s show, the three Greek governing bodies combined to plan the event.

In last year’s event, Sigma Nu, Beta Upsilon Chi, Sigma Kappa and Alpha Phi Alpha earned the top routine honor.

Fraternities and sororities are paired and practice routines throughout the semester in preparation for Greek Week.

In addition to the step routines, the titles of Greek Man of the Year and Greek Woman of the Year are announced at the event.

Last year, UCA Assistant Director of Admissions Jack Phillips was crowned Greek Man of the Year.

Phillips is a Sigma Nu alumni.

Alpha Tau alumni Morgan Linn won Greek Woman of the Year.

As every year, the event is sponsored by the Student Government Association.

Events in the past years have drawn thousands of spectators from the UCA community.

In this year’s event, groups will be formed from different fraternities and sororities to create teams to compete in the step show.

Senior Alpha Sigma Alpha member Paige Turner said her group, consisting of members of the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority, Beta Upsilon Chi fraternity, Delta Sigma Theta sorority and Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity has been preparing for the event since the start of the spring semester.

“We started practicing back in February and haven’t stopped since,” Turner said. “I know the hard work of late hours and costume design and dedication will pay off.”

Turner said the step show is consistently a good event for the greek community to participate in and is a staple of Greek Week.

“I am beyond excited for this year’s show,” Turner said. “It’s always awesome when all the Greek organizations can come together and have fun. I’m especially excited about my team because I know we’re definitely a competitive threat.”

Beta Upsilon Chi member senior Jesse Chambliss is part of the team Turner is preparing with.

Chambliss said combining the different organizations into one time has resulted in a good team for the show.

“We’ve practiced diligently for several weeks now,” Chambliss said. “Not only are we excited about how the show is coming together, but we have a talented team of people from different organizations working together for one great event.”

With the format combining fraternities and sororities, members of all greek organizations are combining in an effort to promote unity in the Greek community.

CORRECTION: The All Greek Step Show tonight is not free. Admission is $10. We apologize for the error.

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