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All Greek Council Informs Students About Hazing Prevention

 The UCA All Greek Council held events from Monday Sept. 26 to Thursday Sept. 29 for its Anti-Hazing Week.

On Monday, there was a “Don’t Haze” banner outside the Student Center where people could put their names and paint a handprint, All Greek Council Representative Lauren McCauley said.

Tuesday there was a table set up to inform students about the problem of hazing and UCA’s policy on the matter.

On Wednesday the council held a showing of the movie “Haze” by David Burkman, which is about a boy who joins a fraternity and is a victim of hazing at the same time that his brother begins an anti-hazing campaign, McCauley said.

According to, “Haze” is a realistic and blunt look at what can happen in a fraternity.

A trailer for the movie can be viewed on the site.

In the movie, one boy is desperate to join a fraternity, but his hopes become conflicted after hazing results in a death and his brother begins an anti-hazing campaign on campus.

According to All Greek Council President Whitney Meyer, the film gave an unfiltered look at Greek life and although it does show the positives of the Greek community, it focuses on the issue of hazing.

Thursday, a table was set up again to give out pamphlets and other forms of information to students.

According to McCauley, hazing consists of any kind of physical, verbal, emotional or mental pain inflicted on others for any kind of negative purpose, such as harassment or bullying.

The council wanted to inform new members as well as those who are not Greek that joining Greek life is about joining a community.

“It’s about finding your place as you are,” McCauley said. “Not about being hazed and becoming something you’re not. The goal is not to say ‘hey I’m in this organization, I have these letters,’ it’s more about being loved and accepted as you are.”

One goal of Anti-Hazing Week was to show people who have been victims of hazing they are not alone and that they can speak up without fear.

Anti-Hazing Week took place after new members were introduced to Greek life, so it was a good time to recognize the issue of hazing, McCauley said.

Hazing is an issue that people can face joining any organization, and the All Greek Council hoped to show that every Greek community at UCA is united against it.

“We wrapped up our events and we are glad we had a successful, recognized Hazing Prevention week,” Meyer said.

The movie was also a success, and there were great conversations afterward.

According to, hazing is a Class B misdemeanor. Any offender would face punishment by a court as well as expulsion from UCA.

Hazing is not just an issue related to Greek life, as cases have been documented in athletic teams, bands, the military and other organizations.

More information about UCA’s hazing policy can be found at hazing-prevention/.

photo courtesy of Lauren Swaim

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