Web Design from San Francisco: Slaying Content and Graphics

Every business NEEDS a website. This is no longer an optional thing. If a business wants to be successful, then it has to invest on a great website. It is as simple as that. In fact, if an entrepreneur wants to be even more competitive, they have to branch out and expand online presence with a mobile app. Through all these, the business has to enlist a reputable firm that can do web design in San Francisco.

San Francisco is known as the world’s best tech hub. Recently, it has also become a haven for startup companies, even those that don’t have anything to do with technology. But whatever the startup is, one thing is certain: it will be linked to technology somehow. The link is the website.

We live in a modern world where a 20-something individual with no job has their own website to promote the food they eat and the clothes they wear. If an individual can do that, so should a legitimate business.

Web design from San Francisco – why it works

Since the tech companies and startups congregate in San Francisco, it is the best place to start a web design and development agency. Web design and development are two different things, but they intertwine so much that it is just better to create an agency that offers a full service rather than a more specified one.

Web development is like the brain of a website. It is the programming employed for the website to work properly, making it easier for people to properly navigate the site. In other words, the web development part of the website creation aims for functionality and usability.

The web design part, on the other hand, refers to the look of the website. There are two things that are important in the web page: visual attractiveness and information. You cannot rely on just one to make a substantial website.

Content is just as important as the graphics

A design agency should put equal effort in creating content as well as graphics. It is common among web designers and developers to put more emphasis on the visuals of the web page. That would include photos, videos and graphics.

The user interface also refers to the layout of the site, color theme as well font and other things that would appeal to the visual senses of the audience. In other words, this is the physical beauty of the website.

But just as in people, physical beauty is not everything. You want a person who also has substance. That is why content is just as important as graphics. People might initially be attracted to the site you create, but if it doesn’t have a substantial content, you will not be able to keep their attention.

A lot of firms focus too much on employing the best web designers that they neglect to hire a copywriter. If they do hire one, some don’t put too much trouble in employing one. Hiring the right copywriter is just as important as hiring the right web designer.

It makes sense that agencies would be more particular with hiring web designers because it is a more complicated and technical aspect of the web design. But it doesn’t mean equal fervor should not be made in getting the right writer for the job.

It takes a lot of creativity, too, in getting the perfect web copy for the page. Not only does the copy have to be brief, it needs to be creative enough to capture an audience while also feeding them substantial information.

Writing web content is not just about stringing the correct words and making sure grammar is impeccable. It is creating a story with the fewest amount of words, enough to get people to crave more information and eventually convert these people to consumers.

More than just visual stimulation

As for the web’s visuals, it should appeal to more than just the eyes. There is a reason why UI and UX designers have the highest salaries among creative professionals. This is because creating a great design is more than just beautiful colors and stunning graphics.

There is a science to creating a user interface design that will make people want to navigate the website you created more than the others. There is a proper layout, appropriate font and advantageous color schemes borne out of research.

This is why companies are willing to pay a lot for UI designers or wed design firms because they know a great user interface can do a lot for the business. Just as important—or even more important—as the UI is the UX design.

The user experience is the ability to make users feel satisfied while navigating the website you created. How simple is it to surf through the website you created? Was it accessible enough for the users?

Client satisfaction

Finding the right web design firm is going to be difficult with so many agencies in San Francisco. If you want to be able to compete with an agency that creates marketing websites that tell stories and increase conversion like Ramotion does, you have to approach a project in all angles.

You attack a project with equal amounts of creativity and knowledge. There should be equal effort in creating great visuals, smart content, and a functional and usable site. These qualities, as whole, make a great website.

The website should be interactive—and that is part of the web design. You have to make sure that the goal of the client perfectly matches your project. As a web design San Francisco agency, you cannot just satisfy your whims. The client’s preference and goals should be the primordial consideration. But you, as an expert on web design, should also be aggressive enough not to allow a client’s whims to be satisfied when it is no longer helpful to the overall purpose of the web page.

Communication between the client and the web design company is key to creating the perfect web page. Here are four tips for effective web design by Forbes.

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