The Top 3 Social Analytics Tools for Small Business Marketers

Running the right marketing plan for an online business can be a challenge experience within itself. Therefore, to cut down on the frustrations that go along with creating the perfect marketing plan, you may need to use special analytics that will place your small business on the social media map.

With the best software analytics features for a small business, social media marketing plans can be changed quickly in real-time. Also, the social media analytics and trends from the past can help to determine what the most effective social media network campaign should be in the near future.

That being said, here are the top 3 social analytics and a brief overview of each.

1. Social Mention

If you want to use the top social analytics tool that is on the market today, you may want to check out Social Mention. With features that simulate today’s search engines, you can take advantage of a metrics that’s integrated within this powerful application.

Based on the search terms that small business marketer uses, intelligent analytics is generated from over 100 platforms. Once the information is available, here are 3 different metrics that the marker will see after the search is complete and additional info that expounds Social Mention’s analytics capabilities and the cost:

  • Passion Metrics — passion metrics will display the odds of any user posting your search terms more than one time.
  • Top Keywords — marketers will get the feedback that they need from top keywords, particularly information that says which phrases are the most commonly used. Users will also have access to the analytics that shows exactly which hashtags are used with specific search terms.
  • Sentiment – The analytics displayed will also show the ratio of negative to positive
  • Data is analyzed in real-time — Designed for the most recent marketing strategy tracking
  • Free Analytics tool

2. Keyhole

According to the latest information on social analytics software for the small business, the next best tool is called Keyhole. Keyhole is designed to create metrics that track info on Instagram and Twitter.

To find the information that an individual needs, they will also be provided with access to both real-time and historical info via the use of hashtags, key phrases, and URLs. Hence, when you use this social analytics tool, here are some of the features that this application will provide for the small business marketer.

  • When you want to know exactly which users are driving the most visitors to your tracked terms, you can find what you need via its Influence data metrics
  • Location and Gender Info can be located on the User demographics info metrics
  • Top posts – with the use of visitor replies and shares, top posts and phrases are tracked to make finding social content simpler to locate
  • Price Tiers set based on basic plan program offers and the amount of data that is collected

3. Crowdbooster

Lastly, but not the least of the top 3 social analytics tools for small business marketing professionals, you may want to check out what Crowdboosters offers. You can use Crowdbooster to track a variety of info in past history as well as real-time data.

Crowdbuster has been designed specifically to accommodate social media platforms like Facebook pages and Twitter profiles. Business owners can use this integrated dashboard with its social analytics tool to post and create content. Also, if you desire to do so, you can share Crowdbooster’s dashboards with others (i.e. colleagues and clients).

  • Analytics displays the number of visitors who read specific posts stats
  • Stats for updates to posts are also tracked
  • Likes, replies, shares and Engagement stats are provided to the users
  • Group activities tracked including fan base increase, the id of the busiest follower activities and the audiences’ ID
  • Follower activity information available to you (i.e. fan base growth and identification of who your most active audience)
  • Analytics can be exported into other platforms like Excel
  • Tactics of social media analytics improvement can be adjusted on a weekly basis
  • Price of Software varies based on accounts and plan
  • Dashboard available for users to view

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