Simple Steps to Efficient Workforce Planning

You own and operate a company that is just now getting back to normal. You probably let most, if not all, of your employees go in March of this year. As a result, you can either call them all back, or choose to take steps to get better employees into better positions.

However, if you are going to do that, you will need to move quickly to replace some employees in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Some simple steps to efficient workforce planning can help.

Make Sure Your HR Personnel Are Aware of the Changes and Needs for New Employees

If you are inviting back all of your old HR staff, be sure to inform them that there will be some changes with employees and that new employees will be hired to fill those positions.

The HR employees will begin drawing up separation papers for the employees that will be let go and hiring documents for new recruits. The HR staff will have to be included in the new workforce planning stages too, if you expect everything to run smoothly.

The Five Steps to Efficient Workforce Planning

Once your HR staff have been apprised of the situation for people returning to work at the office versus those you will let go, everyone needs to be on the same page with the workforce plan. This includes all executive level staff and office support staff, if applicable.

The steps include:

1. Assess Your Company’s Employment Needs

What are your future projected needs to meet adequate workforce goals? Are you going to need to replace twenty employees and add another forty in the next six months, or do you need more or less that number?

Your executives should be creating the business plan that stipulates exactly what you need in terms of employee new hires and employee replacements.

2. Identify Areas of Weakness and Turnover Issues

Every company has a weak area and an area where there is a constant turnover in staff/employees. Knowing where these areas are and how to plan for the shortage of employees in advance helps prevent workflow “pauses.”

3. Create a Plan of Action

What are you going to do about the problems in the previous two steps? Being prepared is not enough if you are not ready to execute a plan to make a bad situation better.

Here is where your HR staff and your executives all need to be on the same page with you and know exactly what you want them and expect them to do in the event you are not present to execute the action plan.

4. Everyone Has a Job to Do, and Should Do It

At this point, everyone should have been assigned part of the action plan and know exactly what their part is, when to execute that part of the plan, and how much it will cost to execute their part of the plan when the time is right.

You should have everything planned out so expertly well that you could easily take a vacation and feel comfortable about every employee doing exactly what you need them to do. This includes all of your new hires and replacement employees too.

5. When You Finally Execute the Plan, Assess

The best-made plans still need an assessment once they have been executed. Every new employee, every replacement employee, every project and every dollar should be monitored, examined, and if need be, tweak the plan.

You want a well-oiled company machine, you have to check its gears for adequate oil, metaphorically speaking.

Don’t Forget Deadlines

Deadlines keep a company moving forward. You cannot have efficient workforce planning if you do not make and keep deadlines. Every step of the planning should have a deadline, especially if you are just starting to reopen for business and need to speed things up to keep your company from collapsing completely.

Those deadlines are probably going to look like two weeks to a month or less for each step or stage. Be really strict and forceful about the deadlines so that you and the employees you want to keep/retain will be successful in your near future and not-so-near future endeavors.

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