How to Identify the Best iPad Mockup for Your Project

If you are a website and mobile app designer, NOW is definitely your time. Technology has certainly made your professional work easier. There are different kinds of software available to make website designing more practical and efficient. And there are different types of software that makes engineering for mobile application so much better.

But creating the best design for a web page or mobile app is not enough. You need investors to finance your design so you could make it a reality. Or you could sell your design to a company, particularly a startup, which still doesn’t have a website. Or a company that has a website but now wants a mobile app. So how do you entice them to invest in your design or purchase your digital product? Through an iPad mockup that is!

What is an iPad mockup?

An iPad mockup is the key to getting a deal designing a website or mobile application. Check here for some examples. Basically, in most mockups, the iPad becomes a tool in order to showcase your design. If you want to showcase your user interface, then the clay mockup will definitely showcase your app or web design. There are so many amazing mockup templates available online. And there is some free PSD mockup. This is why the digital world is the best time for web and application designers to really step up their game. They have to optimize their talent because tools are handed to them in silver platters.

An iPad Pro PSD mockup is the closest thing to the real digital output that you can present. This way, prospective clients can see how the actual product will look like. As a result, they can immediately know what changes they want employed, and if they actually want to commission the design from you. Everything is fast and that will work for you as a designer. Whether it’s a deal or not, a quick decision will only be advantageous to you so you can move on or move forward.

Find the right mockup for your product

Different websites provide free iPad mockup. There are also different kinds of software that will allow you to create your own mockup, but since it is a software, you have to purchase it. This just adds to the growing alternatives that you, as digital product designer, have in order to make professional presentations more convenient and more presentable.

As a web or mobile app designer, you have to know what kind of mockup you need for a particular digital product. Devices mockups, for example, are great at showcasing how well your design translates to different screens. This type of mockup has the different Apple devices grouped together. Their screens are placed at close proximity to showcase the difference. If your design is supposed to be a mobile website one, then you have to showcase that the page doesn’t change no matter how big the iMac screen is or how small the screen is on the Apple watch.

Perspective mockup is basically the same as the devices mockup only that the device doesn’t take center stage. The perspective shows the web page in different “perspective” or different sizes and cuts. This is important if your design works differently on different screens. This way, clients will know that the screen will look like from the “perspective” of a smartphone, tablet and other mobile gadgets.

Vector mockup, on the other hand, is great when one intends to put out high-resolution designs. The vector designs will perfectly fit the website. This type of mockup is also appropriate for showcasing photo-based digital products. If you have the vector template, download it in PSD file so you can easily edit your design into it. No matter how many photos you need, you can easily slide them into the mockup.

If you want to do some editing in to the mold, download items with smart layers. This way, every editing you make will not affect the original output. The original item will remain the same no matter how many changes you make in the different layers.

There are so many more different kinds of mockups—hundreds and maybe even thousands considering the dozens of websites offering free PSD iPad mockups. But remember that it is not just about having the best mockup, it is also about the quality of the digital product. It is also important that you know the type of mockup to use because it will enrich your design. The wrong mockup might do a disservice to your digital product.

Is the best iPad yet about to be launched?

So the latest iPhone models have three cameras. Rumors also have it that the upcoming iPad Pro 2019 will also have three cameras. Here is a little bit about the leak from TechRadar.

The rationale behind the three-camera system with the iPhone is that the more light there is, the better the picture will be. Can you imagine how much better it is considering that the regular Apple device is already known for its high-resolution images? According to Apple, the three cameras on the iPhone are the 12-megapixel wide camera, 12MP ultra wide camera and 12MP telephoto camera. Each camera contains different specs. It will definitely help provide professional-looking images.

Would the same cameras be in the upcoming iPad Pro? If so, then the iPad Pro is going to be an even better device for professional presentations. It is also the right size to have the professional feel unlike the iPad Mini, which is just too small for a professional demonstration. iPad Airs will do too, although, they are just a bit smaller than the Pro model. It is called Pro for a reason—it is better suited for professional demonstrations. Of course, you can always hook the device up with a LED or LCD projector, but the iPad still works when presentation calls for an outside-office meeting.

There are times when meetings happen during luncheons or anything that calls for a restaurant setting. When this happens, your iPad Pro will be your best mate and that iPad mockup should be good enough to wow investors and clients.

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