8 Powerful Email Marketing Tips You Need to Know

Email marketing works. However, success requires the right software as well as effort and time. To get the results you deserve, you need to know the following powerful email tips.


According to TheChecker, slightly more than one-quarter of your recipients will open your marketing emails. So, to increase your open rates, resend your emails using a different subject line.

Consequently, you can expect to get better results from the time and money you spend on each message. If 30 percent of your recipients open the message each time, you have a chance to reach almost twice as many people.

Use Segmentation

Rather than sending the same email to everyone on your list, send customized messages to groups of similar users.

Called segmentation, this tactic helps you to connect on a personal level with more recipients than you can with a one-size-fits-all strategy. To reduce the time and effort required to segment your audience, choose email marketing software that can automate your research.

Test and Optimize

You need to know as quickly as possible how well your email messages work. So, engage in a continuous process of A/B testing and optimization. By doing this, you can quickly identify mistakes and opportunities and apply the lessons you learn in real-time.

In addition to extracting more value from your email campaigns, this tip can help your business and brand keep up as technology and customer expectations evolve.

Take it Easy

After executing a profitable email marketing campaign, resist the temptation to attempt to repeat your success. Instead, give your recipients a break. If you constantly bombard them with messages, they might respond by adding your messages to their spam lists.

Start by collecting feedback regarding your customers’ preferences regarding the frequency of your marketing emails. Afterward, make a commitment to limit your email marketing campaigns to a specified number of monthly or weekly messages.

Create for Mobile

Mobile internet users outnumber their desktop counterparts, so don’t disappoint them. Adopt a mobile-first approach for your email marketing campaigns:

  • Adjust subject lines for small screens.
  • Allow white space around buttons to make them easy to tap.
  • Avoid including large images that can increase load time.
  • Use responsive designs that adjust to changing screen orientations.

By accommodating the needs of your mobile users, you can increase the rate at which they open and respond to your emails.

Test it First

Most likely, you’re pressed for time. You need to meet deadlines and keep your HR budget under control. Still, you should always take time to test your email messages before sending them.

The number of typographical, grammatical, and formatting errors may surprise you. By taking this step, you can improve your audience’s perception of your brand and ensure that the time you invest contributes to your goals.

Build Your List

If you take shortcuts, such as using purchased email lists, you can waste money and damage your brand. To begin with, if you send unsolicited emails, you may become liable for civil and criminal penalties under GDPR and other regulations and laws.

Moreover, commercially available lists often contain irrelevant and phony recipients who have little or no likelihood of becoming your customer. So, improve your results by allowing your users to choose whether to receive emails from your business.

Act Quickly

Respond to new subscribers quickly, before they forget about their experience with your brand. Simply by sending a prompt acknowledgment email, you can remind your recipients what attracted them to your business and encourage them to respond. Additionally, you have a chance to start a new relationship from a perspective that allows you to define your brand and create expectations.

Now, put the above email marketing tips to use. As you work, stay alert for other helpful tactics that can help you get more from the time and money you spend connecting with your audiences via email.

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