6 Best Corporate Gift Ideas You Don’t Want To Miss

The practice for many businesses wanting to give their employees gifts can often be perceived as a dilemma. For instance, many corporate gifts are often bought in bulk because of the economics involved in rewarding hundreds or thousands of employees. The problem here is that such gifts can actually demotivate employees.

Even corporate gifts for upper-level management can seem anonymous and ritualistic. For employers, finding gifts for employees at different levels in the organization might seem difficult, but there are certain staples that hit the sweet spot, rewarding employees in ways that have lasting motivational benefits.

1. Food

In the food category, the trick for employers is to select corporate gifts that focus around times of celebration. BBQ baskets, for instance, offer a variety of packaged smoked meats and bottles of delicious sauces. Moreover, BBQ baskets are also peppered with accessories, such as chocolates, cookies, and cheese.

Other food ideas include cheese baskets. Gourmet cheese accompanied by gourmet crackers and smoked meats are a welcome gift for upcoming holidays. However, for any employee, a cheese basket also helps set the tone for a nice evening over a movie.

Finally, breakfast baskets that include teas, recipes, and muffins are great gifts for employees wanting to enjoy the weekend. Such baskets also are dotted with chocolate wafers, cookies, and various sweet biscuits. Finally, the fact that these baskets often come with a horde of single-serving coffee flavors make them extremely popular.

2. Entertainment

In terms of entertainment, corporations can avoid gift cards by offering various tech gifts that can be either branded or left plain. The trick is to strive for something that has actual utilitarian value while also being fun. Such gifts can include the following:

  • solar power banks for phones and small devices
  • miniature drones
  • Bluetooth headphones
  • engraved Bluetooth speakers
  • fitness trackers or pedometers
  • e-readers

As with many corporate gifts, these items can be engraved. Additionally, they are often inexpensive enough when bought in bulk to accommodate corporate budgets.

3. Coffee

When it comes to corporate gifts, coffee is, perhaps, the next-best thing to a bucket full of cash. For instance, it can be stacked in an attractive branded box, making it easy to deliver to multiple employees. Additionally, it can be packed with a multitude of varieties.

Finally, gourmet coffee is popular enough yet just expensive enough that employees do not routinely buy it. As such, it is perceived as something any employee has always been meaning to buy. Simply put, companies cannot go wrong with gourmet coffee baskets.

4. Accessories

Of course, corporate gifts are often bought for departments or even multiple locations. Consequently, the only way to provide everyone a quality gift is to find a wholesaler or corporate gifts supplier in Singapore.

Doing so will provide you access to an entire array of gift types at a variety of price points. Such wholesale suppliers often have some of the best clothing accessories or premium gifts, which can be branded or left blank:

  • sports bottles
  • collapsible coffee cups
  • custom t-shirts
  • travel bags
  • USB humidifiers
  • travel adapters

5. Environmental

Environmental gifts are great gifts that also allow companies to take a stand for the environment, helping to nudge employees into an eco-friendly mindset. Such gifts might include standard items that are made in environmentally friendly ways.

For instance, straws are usually made of plastic. However, a custom metal or bamboo straw set along with a bamboo sports bottle can be a welcomed gift that helps the recipient suddenly view gifts and everyday objects in a new way. Additional biodegradable gifts that might take the place of standard plastic objects include bamboo food containers. Finally, cutlery sets or picnic sets containing cutlery, plates, and cups are available in such materials as wheat, bamboo, and metal.

6. Lifestyle

Various gifts that encourage people to remain active or become active can be essential to setting a corporate tone. Such gifts can include exercise mats or a hiker’s waist pouch. Arm bands for USB music players can be subtly branded, and alarm tags are welcome additions for expensive luggage sets. Similar gifts for the busy traveler might include a metal travel trolley or a folding travel bag.

Finally, a hand-held key ring with luggage scale allows any employee the ability to easily gauge the weight and cost of a last-minute piece of baggage.

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