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Yik Yak: Now On a Laptop Near You

Hello Yakkers, and welcome to the blog.  If this isn’t your first time joining me, then welcome back. Yik Yak has had a few changes pop up, so let’s see what’s new.

First of all, on Jan. 20, Yik Yak rolled out yikyak.com, the laptop version of the app.  Paired together, users can keep up with their herd on-the-go or from a stopping point.  Simply go to the website, use your phone to get the authentication code in-app and boom.  Yik Yak at home.  Users can use their phones and laptops simultaneously or switch back and forth.  Because the authentication code was sent in-app, all of your activity on the app is saved and transferred to the laptop as well – yes, you even get to keep all of your Yakarma.  

As a neat little extra, replies posted from the computer version of the app have scalloped edges on their icons. The icons are the pictures and colors, but the edges are changed.  

A new app update also went out. Along with various bug fixes, the textbox for posting is now at the top of the screen.  Now, users don’t have to tap the compose icon to share what’s on their mind.

Remember to stay positive on the app. The only way to make sure everyone has a good experience is if everyone stays positive. Anything negative should be downvoted until it’s gone. It only takes five downvotes to get taken down.  

Here is a view of the new Yik Yak laptop version from our herd:

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