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Yik Yak: New Semester, New Yak

Welcome back to the Yik Yak Blog.  I’m your host, the UCA Campus Rep. I hope everyone had a great break and remembered to set their herd to UCA.  This helps everyone stay connected with campus life, even without being here.  Users can check, post and comment to the campus Yik Yak feed.

But now that everyone is back, we are already here to post. That being said, I’d like to remind everyone how to have the best experience on Yik Yak. Yik Yak works best when everyone stays positive. Answering people’s questions nicely, sharing words of encouragement and just generally posting about positive stuff will improve our feed greatly.  If you see any negativity on the app, I’d encourage you to downvote the posts or comments.  The less we see on there, the more positive our herd will be.

This semester is going to be a great semester for our herd. Yik Yak has some great things planned for the future. User input will be a lot more prevalent and sought after this semester.  This semester will be your chance to help shape Yik Yak into the app you want.

As always, I will be posting top yaks to this page. Since we are just starting back, I will share some of the most popular ones from around the world from over the holiday break.

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