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Yik Yak: All User-Generated, All the Time

Hey there fellow Yakkers, and Happy Valentine’s Day. Campus Rep here with another installment of the Yik Yak blog.  If you’re just joining me, I cover various topics related to Yik Yak, including updates, features, content and anything else I find relevant to share with you guys.  Let’s get moving.

To get started, I want to say thank you to everyone who uses Yik Yak – it wouldn’t be the same without you guys.   Yik Yak is entirely user-generated content.  No ads, no sponsored posts, nothing to detract from the experience.  Users keep the app running.  Using the app gives outsiders a view into the way our herd works.  Users from all over the world can see what’s going on here, and we can see their world.  

The Peek feature is divided into 2 sections: Explore and My Peeks.  Under Explore, users will find a variety of topics, updated almost every day, to interact with.  Topics include hilarious polls, locations with hot herds, opinion posts, photo posts – you name it.  Anyone can submit a Yak to these. If it gets accepted, anyone from the world can see it.

The second section is the My Peeks section. Traveling near a different college and find a cool herd you want to watch?  Add it to this section.  Have friends at another school and you want to see what their campus is like?  Search for their school and add it.  While you won’t be able to post, comment or vote on these yaks, it might give some pretty cool insight into how your friends experience college.

Hot Yaks have been slacking here lately, but I managed to find a few that are just enough to get noticed. Check them out in the gallery below.


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