Yik Yak: Share Your Yaks

Hello, fellow Yakkers!  If you’re just joining us, welcome to the Yik Yak blog. To those of you returning, welcome back. I’m your host, the UCA Campus Rep.  I’m here to improve your Yik Yak app skills and your overall experience. The app has some new features, so let’s dive right in.

As many of you know, an update was released recently that gave Yik Yak a facelift.  A new style of yak greets users on the app, with smaller horns and a cuter face. But the changes are not only cosmetic: There’s a new way to share cool Yaks with your friends.

Previously, posts receiving 20 upvotes or more became “famous,” allowing users to share them. Now, a share feature is available on every yak.  The bottom righthand corner of an individual yak has a little arrow that says “share.” After a brief tutorial explaining the setup and use of the feature, you can share yaks with your friends completely in-app.

When you share something with a friend, you can personalize it with a short 100-character message to the recipient.

Currently, there is no way to reply to a shared yak.  If sent to people outside the normal viewing area, the recipient can’t comment or vote on the yaks, but can see them.

When a friend shares a yak, it will appear in your notifications under the “Me” tab.  The notification will be purple and have the name of the sender as it appears in your phone contacts.  If you want to make sure you receive  notifications for these messages, make sure you have your notifications for Yik Yak turned on in your phone settings.

Here is an example of the way the notifications appear to someone outside of the viewing range, as well as the Yak highlights from this past week.

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