Yik Yak: Save Your “Yaktivity”

Hello, Yik Yak Campus Rep here! If you’ve seen this blog before, you know the drill. If not, welcome aboard! Each week I write a blog with a helpful tip or two to make Yik Yak run more efficiently for everyone.

The holiday season is coming up, which means people will be getting shiny new gadgets and more phones will be zooming into the hands of Yakkers everywhere. If you have switched phones or had to delete the app, your Yakarma was probably reset. However, have no fear; there is a way to save it!

It’s pretty easy to save your “Yaktivity,” which includes your Yakarma, previous posts, comments and anything else you’ve done on the app. To find the settings, tap on the “Me” tab at the bottom of the screen and tap on “My Stuff.” Tap on settings and at the top there is an option to “Sync Via iCloud.” By turning this option “on,” you’ll be able to restore any Yaktivity, including putting the app on other devices.

As Campus Rep, it’s my job to help promote positivity on the app. I just want to remind readers to keep our herd positive. Downvoting or calling out Yaks that are offensive or hurtful is a great way to help keep our herd positive. If a post is extremely offensive, users have the option to flag the post and make sure it is taken down.

To all of you current Yakkers, you guys have been knocking it out of the park. Here’s a few of the best yaks from last week.

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