Yik Yak: Find Your Herd

Welcome to the Yik Yak blog, where each week I’ll talk about a feature, trending topic or another relevant topic to the social media app Yik Yak. Since we are coming back from fall break, I thought it might be useful to cover the “My Herd” feature.

Yik Yak’s feed is based off about a five-mile radius — anything within those five miles can be picked up by your feed. Over vacations and holidays, people leave campus and the feed loses some momentum. To address this, Yik Yak has a feature that allows users to set a home-base location. With this feature, users can travel far-and-wide and still post, comment and vote as if they are still on their home campus.

To enable this feature, tap on the “Me” tab at the bottom of the screen. This brings users to the notifications page. By tapping on “My Stuff” under the map, you’ll be taken to a page that lets you see your previous yaks, replies to other yaks and your personal settings. Under the settings page at the bottom, slide the switch to “Enable My Herd.”

You are then able to set UCA/Conway’s Yik Yak as your base. To view yaks from your “herd” while traveling, simply tap “My Herd” under the colored banner on the feed page. Everything on this page is posted to your home feed, either by local posters or other travelers posting to UCA from afar.

Coming back from a break, this highly upvoted yak is a great example of the positivity and sense of community on campus. Keep Yakking!

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