Yik Yak: Bringing Connectedness to Campus

From Wi-Fi to cafeteria food to lectures and tests, students have a myriad of things to say about life on campus. And when you have something to say to the world, Yik Yak is always there.
Yik Yak is a social media app designed to facilitate connectedness between students, the campus around them and their community.
As Campus Representative to UCA for Yik Yak, it is my job to help foster this relationship and promote the app’s positive aspects.
I realize that in light of recent events, some people are hesitant about this app. However, at its core Yik Yak is all about bringing the campus together.
Every day users submit a wide variety of posts relating to everything from classes to personal issues opening up interesting discussions. Study groups, life and class advice and general questions and answers are a few of the ways that Yik Yak helps students.
“Yaks,” as the posts are called, are voted by other users of the app. Some of these yaks are a cut above the rest, and get enough votes to be considered “famous.”

For more information about Yik Yak, you can visit

Each week, I pick a few of the top yaks for our area for your viewing pleasure. Here are a few of the most popular yaks from the last few months:

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