UCA Cat Diaries

UCA Cat Diaries: Queen Fluffy Flourishes

Most cats you find on campus are the former pets of rambunctious freshmen, but longtime resident Queen Fluffy still lives a lavish life with her junior human in Farris Hall.

Fluffy was a kitten when her human adopted her and took her into the welcoming halls of UCA. Now, after three years adapting to the lifestyle at UCA, Fluffy and her human are comfortable.

“As the purebred I am, it’s only natural that my human didn’t want to let me go,” Fluffy said while lounging on her luscious Parisian cat bed. “I was lucky to come across such an agreeable human whom I only have to slap in the face on certain occasions. You know, when she pets my belly four times instead of the appropriate three times. Or when my food bowl gets past halfway empty.”

Despite the cliché that college students have  dirty dorm rooms, Fluffy lives a lavish lifestyle. She is pampered throughout the day, given several treats and eats only name brand cat food.

“Once I was mentioned in the New Meow Times when I discovered the ability to control your human through yodeling in the night,” Fluffy said. “When my human misbehaves, she receives a session of constant meowing when she tries to sleep.”

Queen Fluffy and her human hope to spend many more years together. When asked if Fluffy feared being left on the street, she made it clear that wasn’t an option.

“My human would never leave me in the streets!” Fluffy hissed. “I’m a prestigious cat and I have trained my human in domesticity. She’s incapable of betraying me.”

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