The Echo Chamber: Getting Through My Freshman Year

By Marcus McClain
The Echo Staff Writer

Freshman year is filled with new beginnings.

New friends, new home, new opportunities and basically a new life. With new things comes a great amount uncertainty. Not only in classes, but in carving out your own niche and creating a sense of belonging.

This is a challenge that many people can struggle with as the first — and maybe biggest — obstacle in college.

For me, this process was easier with the help of the Black Male Achievement Challenge. I was introduced to this program by the early arrival program called Project X.

Project X gave me the chance to get comfortable with campus and to build friendships with several other incoming freshmen through team-building activities and success workshops.

Having a group of guys all coming into the same situation as I was, made things more comfortable and easier to manage. As we went through the different activities, we laid the foundation of what Project X is all about–brotherhood.

The upperclassmen served as mentors in the program and were a big help. Seeing guys that had been through what we were preparing for successfully, was a confidence booster that anyone could benefit from.

Project X also gave us the chance to meet with faculty and staff all across campus. Many of the people I met are still open to help in any way possible.

Even if I just need to stop by and just get some things off my chest, they are always there to listen.

If not for Project X and BMAC, I don’t know if I’d still be at UCA today.

The support system and brotherhood this program created was huge in helping me through freshman year and continues to positively impact my college experience.

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