Frida & Emma Svensson: To See the World

It was a beautiful spring day in April. I was sitting in my room surrounded by dirty clothes and unpacked bags from my college visit in the US.
In front of me I had a very important paper laying on the desk and a pen in my right hand.
My hands and body were shaking; many thoughts whirled in my head. I felt anxiety mixed with excitement.
My biggest decision was made and I was about to take my first big step into the world by signing that paper.
Since I was a little girl, golf has been my passion.
Experiencing golf courses around the world has opened my eyes. I was an independent 18-year-old girl with eyes eager to explore the unknown. I had a three-year high school education and many golf profits behind me. I also had supporting friends and parents.
In other words, I had all opportunities you could wish for. However, it was up to me to follow my heart and choose my own road.

I had two completely different choices to choose between. The first was taking the safe road and studying at home, surrounded with the same routines, friends, family, work, and familiarity. Or taking the big, unknown road by studying abroad and trying something new.

I had to either make the safe choice just because of fear and uncertainty or be confident, curious and brave by taking the unknown road.
Being independent and exploring the world attracted my attention. Also learning a new culture, making friends for life and getting job opportunities were appealing thoughts.
I knew that study abroad would bring me all these benefits.
Therefore, I took my chance, signed the paper for the University of Central Arkansas and began my journey.
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