Donaghey restaurant, Mosaique closed down.


Several Months ago on Mar. 20, Mosaique restaurant had it’s grand opening after nearly a two-year wait since the beginning of Donaghey Hall’s construction. Unfortunately on Tuesday Dec. 5th the Bistro closed down. 

According to the website, the owners said they have been struggling like other restaurants and after reviewing their metrics they decided it would be in their best interest to close down now rather than later.

Mosaique was an independent restaurant, owned by Conway locals Johnny Ho and Alex Tyler and managed by Haley Shelton. They served an American-Style eatery that included a fully-stocked bar and the menu prices varied from $6 grilled cheese sandwiches to $38 lobster tails.

According to the Manager Haley Shelton, the restaurant was never fully developed as a concept and experienced multiple idea changes and menu modifications.

For more information visit their Facebook page @mosaiquebistro


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