5 Funny Twitter Accounts To Follow Immediately


1.) Joanne the Scammer (@joanneprada)

Honestly, truly, Miss Prada runs social media at the moment. She scammed her way into a video series with Super Deluxe, she scammed her way into the VMAs and she’ll scam her way into your heart with her outrageous and sidesplitting tweets about the “Caucasian lifestyle”. Iconic.


2.)  NYT Minus Context (@NYTMinusContext)

NYT tweetNYT Minus Context provides followers with expanses of #relatable content hidden inside ordinary New York Times articles. You’ll be muttering “truuuuuue” under your breath with every tweet.



3.) chuuch (@ch000ch)

ch000ch tweetDo you ever just get sad? This is the question we as self-deprecating millennials often pose. Chuuch (I can’t say this name without cracking a smile and snort-laughing) gets it and tweets content that’ll make you chuckle, but later will sting as you realize your life is filled with bitter sadness. 



4.) Megan Amram (@meganamram)

Megan Amram tweetThe OG funny lady on Twitter—she was the first comedian I followed— Amram has been active since 2009 and has been writing hilarious content ever since. Her irreverent tweets often poke fun at politics, highlight subtle sexism in the media and make people laugh. She’s definitely worth the follow.



5.) Tara Shoe (@tarashoe)

Tara Shoe tweetNihilism at it’s finest, Tara Shoe often highlights the meaningless and pointlessness of life (hahaha ha ha h-a-h-a). I personally identify with this and have woken my roommates up from my incessant cackling while viewing Shoe’s hilarious and outspoken tweets.


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