Students must boycott Chen’s business classes


When it was revealed former Vice President of International Affairs Alex Chen was illegally overworking international students with no compensation, he was demoted to Professor of Marketing and took a pay cut.
Chen will teach business classes in the fall, but students should not sign up for them. Students need to boycott Chen’s classes to show UCA administration that keeping administrators who abuse their power should not be tolerated.
Chen was reassigned to be a tenured business professor instead of being fired as he should have been. Chen’s classes may be taught in Mandarin Chinese if there is a demand for it. This could mean he will teach many of the same students he illegally overworked.
UCA’s administrative problems are too severe to let anyone who violates the law and UCA policy to stay here with a high paying tenured teaching position.
Next semester, Chen will teach two Global Environment of Business classes and a Basic Marketing class. Students should not support his new position by registering for his classes.
Chen was not only overworking international students. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette revealed Chen used UCA money to make a detour to Cancun while on a business trip in Mexico with former President Allen Meadors. The Democrat-Gazette later revealed discrepencies in money used by Chen for trips to and from Hong Kong. Chen did not comment on the expenses.
Chen has shown yet again that he does not deserve a high-paying job at UCA teaching students.
If students want to help make UCA’s campus better, boycotting a corrupt professor’s classes is a good start.


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  1. YES! YES! YES!

    This is what we must begin doing! Boycott professors who are corrupt/unfair and not doing their jobs! They think they are in these cushy little positions and that they can get away with anything, especially in the classroom!

    Another professor that you all should think about boycotting is Dr. Brian Campbell in the anthropology department!

  2. i do feel ashamed for not reporting this when i knew it was going on…it was fishy when it first started and we should all have the responsibility to stop it, but i failed, so are the many who are afraid of repercussion(which happens a lot at the home countries of the international students) but still, i should have done something

  3. speaking of which, the classes should definitely be taught in english, if there is need for clarification or additional help then they can be given in chinese after class. otherwise why are the students paying more than $8000 to come to america, just to be taught in chinese? what’s the point?
    and to be paid 90,000 a year just to teach that…wow, give me half i’ll work twice as hard

  4. There was a lot of miss information in the adg article. Not one student has come forward and said Dr. chen asked them to work more than their 20 hours. There were no misuse of University funds on any trips taken by Dr. Chen. If you are advocating all classes be taught in english for the “Study abroad” (here for one semester) international students then are you also advocating all classes taught to US students abroard be taught in that’s country’s native language?

  5. I’ve had Dr Campbell in the anthropology department and he is nothing short of an amazing professor, one of his courses this past summer I took although I had completed the requirements by 2 classes. There is no reason to boycott his classes–he is demanding time wise, but you learn a lot. If you don’t like a professor, get over it and don’t take their classes (if you’re and Anthro major, you will be spending time with Dr Hall, otherwise the Intro to Anth gen ed can be substituted with courses out of the sociology department.)
    I understand Chen is the reason for this news post, and in the case of a professor who is corrupt and abuses his power, I think advocating a boycott and making the injustices public is totally acceptable. But just like on ratemyprofessor, just because a prof doesn’t think you earned the grade you think you deserved doesn’t mean you can use this as an opportunity to make them victims of slander and libel.
    UCA has a lot of good professors who are under-appreciated by both the students and the university itself and a lot of professors who can improve on how they spend their time in the classes. If you can’t offer constructive criticism on how they can improve and ample positive reinforcement on what they’re doing right, just keep it to yourself ’cause you’re just making yourself look like the fool.

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