Bears Softball Team Prepares for Upcoming Season, Sets New Goals


Softball coach David Kuhn and assistant coach Kasey Britt said they are getting the team ready for the softball season.

Britt said the coaching staff shares common goals for the team this season. The team is looking to win more than 35 games and to win each series in conference. Kuhn said the team is working hard and can’t wait to play its first game.

“We also want to maximize the hits and walks and minimize the strikeouts and errors. We have focused on consistent pitching, strong hitting approaches and fundamental defense. All of our preparation gives us an opportunity to reach the goals we have set,” Britt said. “With this being my first year as an assistant coach, I have written down my own goals. One in particular is to be a better coach than I was a player. A motto I live by is, ‘Keep moving forward.’ We make the choice to do it every day.”

Britt said there are going to be highs and lows this season,but she wants the players to remember that even when the going gets tough — because it will — to remember that their team always has their backs.

“Your team is your family. It’s a softball sorority. No one remembers the wins or the awards. They [will]remember who had their back, who was a good teammate,” Britt said. “I am four chemistry holds strong this year, we will be successful on and off the field. It’s not always easy to win on talent alone in a team sport. Teamwork, communication and executing the details of the game will get us through the season.”

Britt said the fans are going to see old and new pitchers,experienced returners and strong newcomers. The softball team is strong because of its power-hitting players in the heart of the lineup to speed.

“It’s a new year, a new season to be successful. You don’t want to miss it,” Britt said.

Britt said the first three weeks of the season will be tough. The game against the University of Alabama will be the team’s opener, followed by Pennsylvania State University and then Louisiana State University.

“You shake off the nerves,the worry, and the doubt.Believe in the process and all of the preparation up to this point. True heart and true grit are found in these games,” Britt said.

Kuhn said the University of Alabama game is just that:a game. The team will be playing 56 other games, and the conference games are what matter most, she said Britt is a former player for UCA and said every year the team had the potential to beat every team in conference.

“When looking over our conference schedule, I believe[we]have a good chance of taking two out of three games from every team. With that being said, we have to play our best kind of softball. We do that,we will be successful,” Britt said.

She said the team’s weaknesses have been limited because of all of its training and constant focus on the detail sat practices.

“Our strengths are centered around leadership and defense. As our team has gotten more and more comfortable on the field together, we have been able to steadily progress with our communication. That communication stems from our leaders overall and our leaders on the field. Everyone has a role, and each individual has taken to their role with ease,” Britt said.

The softball team’s first game is at 7 p.m. Feb. 9 against the University of Alabama in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

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