Chi Alpha gives meaning to college life


I have never felt like I belong in college. I never joined a sorority. I’m not on SGA. I’m a normal kid, and until now, I haven’t been involved in anything on campus.
This year, as a senior, I decided it was time to do something that served a purpose. I needed to be a part of something that actually was important to me. I needed something that made me feel like I was welcome. I started going to Chi Alpha.
Chi Alpha is a campus religious organization that doesn’t focus on a certain religious background. Chi Alpha doesn’t narrow down religion into one domination. In Chi Alpha, we all worship the same God, just in different ways.
I have decided that I don’t have to have sorority sisters to make me feel loved or that I belong. I’m building relationships with people in this organization that I would have never met otherwise.
Every Monday night, we meet at 7:30 in the Student Center Ballroom or in Ida Waldran Auditorium. You can’t believe the amount of talent that the Chi Alpha band possesses, and they do it all for one reason: celebrating God. I just find it awesome that we can all stop our busy “college” lives and just worship as one.
Another part of Chi Alpha that is so great is what we call “d-groups.” D-group stands for discipleship group. It is a small group of guys or girls that meet once a week in addition to the worship on Monday nights. This is my favorite part of Chi Alpha.
My d-group has helped me realize how beautiful I really am. We bring up issues that often bring tears to my eyes. It’s helping me notice how important surrounding yourself with people who can bring you up even when you’re at your lowest point is. I admire my d-group leaders so much. In addition to being full-time college students, they take the time out of their lives to let our d-group come into their homes and just fellowship with one another.
I’m not saying being a part of Chi Alpha makes you better than anyone else. Chi Alpha exposes you to so much more than anyone could imagine.
There are students in this group that have spent months in Africa, Thailand and Haiti. This group of students that have been a part of these trips did it all for God. I admire that so much. I want to be able to go to another country to do things to benefit someone else. I want to make a difference. Chi Alpha is going to help me make that difference.
So, if you want to be a part of Chi Alpha, come on Monday nights. Coming to Chi Alpha isn’t what it’s all about. Chi Alpha is about surrounding yourself with other people that will always encourage you and make you feel welcome and loved. Be a part of a d-group. The possibilities are endless. Chi Alpha even hosted a costume party a couple of weeks ago, and I can’t remember the last time I had that much fun.
Chi Alpha has made me feel like I belong somewhere. That missing link to college has finally been found.


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