Alcohol Policy During Tailgating Lenient


UCAPD and UCA’s Athletics Department say the alcohol policy during football game tailgating is a no-alcohol policy, but the policy isn’t strictly enforced.

UCA Board Policy 405 says alcohol is only allowed on campus for specific events in locations such as at the President’s Home or Buffalo Hall and during religious events in Ferguson Chapel. Exceptions must receive written consent from President Tom Courtway.

Athletic Department policy forbids all alcoholic beverages within Estes Stadium and grants security the authority to eject intoxicated fans, according to the Athletics Department website.

Sgt. Brad Moore of UCAPD said that President Courtway has not granted permission for alcohol during tailgating because the event is visible to the general public.

“If we could somehow fence off all of Bruce Street, that’d be a different story,” Moore said. “But Bruce [Street] is a city road and having open containers is still against state law. There isn’t a red-cup policy or anything like that, but we’re not going to go sniffing cups. We want everyone to have fun. Our most important goal is overall safety.”

Moore said that unless tailgaters are actively causing harm, threatening to cause harm or carrying an alcohol container in public view, campus officers are unlikely to disrupt them.

“We have so much going on during football games,” Moore said. “Alcohol has hardly ever been a problem. I could count on one hand the instances when we’ve had problems with alcohol during tailgating. Our biggest concerns are safety and that everyone is having a good time. Alcohol just isn’t a priority.”

This article originally appeared in the Oct. 28 print edition of The Echo. 

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