Faculty and Staff Feature: Jessie Hornbrook


Jessie Hornbrook is an assistant professor of printmaking in the Department of Fine Arts and Communication. Besides teaching printmaking, she also conducts 2-D, drawing and portfolio classes. But it’s safe to say that her passion is print.

She said was nearly finished with a degree in painting and drawing when she took a printmaking class. She enjoyed the indirect approach she could create a piece of art.

“It just kind of changed the way I look at art and the way I made art because it’s so process oriented,” Hornbrook said.

Even though her favorite type of printmaking process is intaglio, she loves any type of printmaking where she can’t tell what type of process the artist used. The experience of walking through how the artist created the image intrigues her.

Hornbrook said she enjoys teaching printmaking because she loves to see artists’ work take shape and grow.

“When people think of artists, I think they think of sculptors and painters,” Hornbrook said. “It encompasses so many different methods of art making. So if you’re good at some sort of art making, you can do some sort of printmaking because it can play to people’s strengths really easily.”

Senior Emily Willhite has taken two of Hornbrook’s printmaking classes. She said that Hornbrook always challenges her to push herself to her limits when making art.

“Her classes have made me a better artist because she has taught me to just keep making,” Willhite said. “Always try new processes, be experimental, and look to the art community for support and inspiration.”

Hornbrook said she is always trying to stay engaged with the art world. She pushes herself to create prints for at least three shows each season.

She has been a part of many different printmaking exhibitions, including one that involves 20-35 different artists and printmakers from all around the United States.

All of the pieces are artworks done on paper and have to do with passageways or paths. Hornbrook said there is a lot of networking done in the printmaking world, so the artists travel down paths to meet other artists.

The exhibition is about interconnectivity and networking, as well as travelling down a path.

She is also a part of an artist feminist group called ARTiTS. The artists in this group come from the United States, Spain and France. The work from this group travels around to different countries. The theme of this body of work is the feminist experience in art and picturing the feminine body as a landscape.

Photo by Lauren Swaim.


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