Super Bowl LII’s Half-Time Show Comically Atrocious


Despite high hopes from fans and spectators all over the country, Justin Timberlake’s halftime performance at Super Bowl LII on Feb. 3 was utterly disappointing.

As many suspected, Timberlake payed a lackluster“tribute” to late music artist Prince, performing a rendition of “I Would Die 4 U” that most likely had the pop superstar rolling in his grave. Despite Prince’s explicit wishes to not be brought back in hologram form to perform with today’s artists, Timberlake insisted on jamming with the dead musician.

Fans everywhere could practically be heard cringing. If Timberlake really wanted to bring Prince back that badly, his song selection was definitely not up to par— he could have at least sang “Purple Rain” to get fans to sing along, but the slow ballad was just as boring as sitting through a two-hour high school graduation.

The Prince hologram itself was nothing special either, as the programming was off-calibrated, giving it the look of Michael Jackson rather than Prince. If Timberlake’s intent was to place Prince on a pedestal, he failed especially. Prince was not idolized in the way he deserved, making the performance a real bummer to watch rather than an uplifting tribute to a fallen icon it could have been.

To top off the less – than – spectacular performance, Timberlake’s stylist must have really embraced the singer’s southern roots, as he was clad in an oh-so-stylish button down shirt printed with deer running through a pasture paired with a camouflage suit.

The cherry on top of the ridiculous ensemble was the neon orange bandana wrapped around his neck instead of a tie. He must have lost his “Suit and Tie” in transit to the venue.

One saving grace for this show was when Timberlake walked into the stand sand sang to some cheering Eagles fans, with the camera focusing on an delightfully awkward middle schooler who seemingly had no idea who Timberlake was.

The kid knew almost none of the words to Timberlake’s hit “Can’t Stop the Feelin’”when he was handed the microphone, providing the viewers with some truly great unscripted hilarity.

The 2000’s heartthrob let his performance scale drop from a 10 to a 2, leaving everyone wondering what happened to the once sexy and energizing Timberlake.

Rest in peace Justin Timberlake’s stimulating performance days.

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