‘Ringer’ features horrible acting


So, that’s why I never bother with CW shows.
CW’s most anticipated series in years, “Ringer,” starring former “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” star Sarah Michelle Gellar, premiered last Tuesday to the network’s biggest ratings in some time. Those people, however, tuned in to see a soap-like drama with bad acting and some serious cheese.
Based on plot synopsis and promos, “Ringer” looked like it could possibly be intriguing, but the pilot was anything but. The pilot makes the series look too soapish and campy, even though it takes itself 100 percent seriously.
The premise of the show is essentially Sarah Michelle Gellar plays a set of twins who both happened to be at least somewhat evil. I guess I should’ve seen the soap aspect from a mile away. One twin is Bridget, an ex-stripper and narcotics abuser in Wyoming, who was arrested for prostitution and possessing an illegal substance, but the charges will be dropped if she testifies against a murderer she saw kill someone. Siobhan is a high-class millionaire’s wife who is in a loveless relationship with the millionaire, but cheating on him with her best friend’s husband, which is all the makings of a soap opera, but none of that was given away in those promos I saw. I guess CW doesn’t want to stray from their target audience, which always seems to be teenage girls. This is somewhat off topic, but it’s always surprised me that one of the five broadcast networks skews all its series toward one demographic, especially one that is so small in stature.
There is so much going on in the pilot episode that it doesn’t take too long to get confused and sometimes you’re not even sure right away which twin you’re seeing at the time. Every now and then it seemed that editors could have done a better job clipping certain scenes together. Not only is there too much going on plot-wise in the pilot, but the acting is some of the worst I’ve ever seen on television. I’ve never seen Gellar in anything before and from her acting in the “Ringer” pilot I might be blessed that I haven’t. Gellar is loved by many from ‘Buffy’ who will seemingly watch her in anything, but I have a hard time seeing why she has such a following. Maybe this is the best that fans of CW (or former WB) shows can expect? Gellar isn’t the only one giving a poor acting performance in the pilot, but is the most noticeable as she’s in nearly every scene. Co-star Kristoffer Polaha, who plays Henry, the man that Siobhan was cheating on her husband with, is just as bad in the acting category. Polaha is just the pretty face that’s expected from any CW series so that the teen girls continue tuning in.
Despite the busy plot and the atrocious acting there was something else about the “Ringer” pilot that trumped everything else in the negative column. There is a scene in “Ringer” that is the worst scene I’ve ever seen on television. It’s a boat scene where Bridget and Siobhan are together and it includes the worst special effects, CGI and green screen usage that I’ve ever seen or will probably ever see. The scene is so bad it’s one of those that you’ll have to look up on YouTube to see for yourself. If you don’t laugh out loud I seriously question your taste in entertainment. Not only are the effects bad, but this scene also includes some of the worst acting and cheesiest dialogue in the episode. The promos made this series look exquisitely sleek, but this scene is the exact opposite of sleek.


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