Stations give voice to student radio hosts


Still hungry for your 15 minutes of fame? Try hosting your own radio show on UCA’s own KCON 1230 or KUCA 91.3 FM.

Both stations are SGA control and directed by general manager Monty Rowell and assistant general manager Steve Owens, as well as five student managers. The stations are located in the Student Center basement.

KCON, a profit organization, has been operated at the university since February 1999 and KUCA, a non-profit organization, has been around since July 2001.

Owens said KCON 1230 AM is run by the students and for the students.

“It’s always been about the students. Monty Rowell and I, we both work for the students technically,” Owens said.

During their radio show, students have the freedom to play or say whatever they choose, within certain boundaries. The show is not limited to only one person. Students can invite guests or choose to have a co-host. Segments are generally 50 minutes long, and a person can have multiple segments if spaces are available.

Freshman Erica Johnson uses her alotted time to host a music variety show.

“I co-host a show with someone on KCON 1230 AM on Tuesday afternoons from 12:15 to 1:30. We’ll switch off playing music – usually a mix of stuff. Usually there’s witty banter in between each song since we don’t know what we’re doing so we just make fun of each other,” Johnson said.

Junior Lucas Jeffrey made a career change after he got his radio show.

“I really got into more of how to manage a radio station; the business part of mass communications,” he said.

Jeffrey switched to a business major with a mass communications minor. His radio show, “The Chris and Luke Show,” doesn’t air anymore, but he now finds other ways to help the radio station run smoothly.

Any student who wants to can have their own shift on KCON regardless of their major or minor. Students who are not majoring in mass communication could just as easily have an hour-long show as those students who are. The radio station is a great way to get hands on training in the field of radio broadcasting.

Students who have their own shifts on the radio station can learn the ins and outs of working the necessary equipment for radio broadcasts. They can play their own CDs or cassette tapes on the radio, have their own news or sports talk show or go into the community and do live remote broadcasts.

Owens said the opportunities don’t stop there.

“In the future students who have been with the KCON AM station for a while will possibly be able to move up to the KUCA FM station,” Owens said.

At the moment KCON 1230 AM is the only one of the two UCA stations that is student-run. There are currently 17 student-run shows on KCON 1230. The radio stations at UCA are a great way for students to learn the trade of the radio business or just an outlet to let their music or beliefs heard.


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