RSO Feature: Student Orientation Staff


The Student Orientation Staff (SOS) are the 80 orange shirts that not only help freshmen move into their dorms each fall, but also volunteer at the Welcome Week and Summer Orientation and Academic Registration (SOAR) activities in hopes of helping new students feel at-home on campus.  A member of the Department of New Student Programs, SOS is part of the support system needed for many freshman and their worried parents, as well as non-traditional students and new transfer students.

“I love the whole process including move in day. The relationships that we make with our teammates, other staff members and freshman are the biggest things for me though,” senior Claire Rogers said. “I have never felt more needed in an organization or on campus as I have since I got on SOS.”

This organization was designed to be the buffer between UCA campus and the rest of Conway. Not only are they the extra pair of hands on move-in day, but they will also be the ones to answer you when you ask where Stanley Russ Hall is.

Though most of campus only sees them during welcome week, they are an influential part of campus life.

“…this organization brings so much joy and enthusiasm to all of the students at UCA, rain or shine,”  junior Ryan Joyner said.

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