Remodel nears completion at Oak Street Bell


The Taco Bell located on 205 E Oak Street is being remodeled. This Taco Bell structure, which is frequented by college students, has been in existence since the 1980s.

Although it was remodeled a couple times, the building needed a change.

The Taco Bell Companies created a new design for their building a year and a half ago called the new bold choice design.

According to the builder Gerald Oney, owner of G. Oney and Associates, the design has a much more “aggressive look with subdued lighting inside.”

The design will be more modern, attractive and make the atmosphere much more inviting.

The construction is scheduled to be in 80 calendar days. The construction thus far has stayed on track.

“It’s went real smooth and the city’s been easy to work with. It’s about the 105th project we’ve done for Conway. We’ve been doing projects for Conway for about fifteen years,” Oney said.

Sam Fiori, part owner of the Taco Bell and President and CEO of KMAC Enterprises Inc., has high hopes for their new building.

“The Taco Bell has done above the national average for Taco Bells in the United States. We really hope people enjoy this new one,” Fiori said.

Because of the size of the size and changes to the new structure, the cost is high.

“When you’re doing a remodeling job like this, it’s going to be around $700,000 to $750,000,” Fiori said.

Many students are happy with the construction of the new Taco Bell. Taco Bell has always been a big hit among college students with their reasonable prices and easy access.

“It’s good because we can have a Taco Bell that is close now and I like the food,” said freshman Josh Ellis.

Other students aren’t as happy about the construction of the new Taco Bell.

“I think it’s stupid to knock down the building and make it new. If they change this one, they’ll have to change them all. We don’t need another fast food place anyway,” freshman Anna Chen said.

The target opening of the new Taco Bell is scheduled to be on Oct. 18.


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