King’s style lands Aeropostale advertising deal


UCA freshman Cameron King was one of only 17 girls who won the title of “Best Dressed Girls in America”, sponsored by “Seventeen” magazine and Aeropostale.

King not only beat out more than 9,000 other girls, she also got the chance to appear in the August issue of “Seventeen.”

King also won the online competition for Seventeen to figure out who was the best dressed overall.

In addition to the exposure from Seventeen, Aeropostale selected six of the girls, including King, to fly to New York City for a shopping spree, a Broadway show and a photo shoot, which is featured in the October issue of Seventeen.

King has gained a lot from this exposure, and it all started with a “bad mood.”

“I was in a bad mood and whenever I get in a bad mood I either clean or surf the Web and this time I just happened to be on the computer,” she said. “I went on the Web site and saw it and thought, ‘Might as well,'” King said.

The picture submitted was a mock photo shoot with King and her best friend. Seventeen liked her clothes in the picture and had her wear them for the first magazine shoot at her home in Conway.

Many aspiring models dream of a chance for a photo shoot in New York City. Although it is enjoyable, it does require patience.

“It was long, like 8 a.m. to around 7 p.m.,” she said. “It was fun, though, like getting our hair and make-up done.”

Besides the experience, King also got the opportunity to bond with the other girls and learn more about people.

“We all got along,” she said. “My roommate and I were the only ones who didn’t have a parent or sibling come with us so we got to stay together.

“It was a neat experience because she was from a small town in California and she was atheist, bisexual and I was only the second black person she has ever met in her life. So we had a lot to talk about. When we all went out, our styles were very different,” Cameron said.

In the August issue of “Seventeen,” the magazine labeled her outfit as “urban preppy.” However, it is hard to put a label on what King chooses to wear.

“My style changes everyday,” she said. “It kind of depends on whenever I wake up in the morning what kind of mood I’m in. I like shopping at vintage shops. The style that they gave me in the magazine was ‘urban preppy,’ but I think it was just that outfit that happened to fit, whatever ‘urban preppy’ is.”

Winning the contest has opened up many opportunities to her. She has been offered two internships next summer in New York City, and a clothing store in Little Rock has offered to sponsor her.


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