DVD kiosk new to Student Center


Students wishing to rent a movie or a video game now need go no further than the new Pick-a-Flick DVD kiosk, located downstairs in the Student Center with the ATMs.
UCA is the first location to have one of this new company’s machines.
The machine, which was installed Oct. 10, was up and running by midday Oct. 11.
Chris Rudkin, owner of Pick-a-Flick DVD Inc., said, “In this economy, college students need affordable entertainment.”
Rudkin said he thinks the UCA Student Center is a good starting location because there is a lot of foot traffic.
He is currently talking with UCA Housing Vice President Rick McCullom about installing units in Bear Village.
Freshman Lindsey McKee said she was glad to see the Pick-a-Flick machine.
“It’s neat that we have one right here on campus,” she said. “You don’t have to use up your gas driving across town when you want a movie. They’re new movies, too.”
Hank Phelps, director of the Student Center, said the Student Government Association approached him two years ago with the idea of getting a Red Box DVD kiosk.
Phelps said he made repeated attempts, but was unable to get one.
He said he was glad this opportunity presented itself and that he thinks the kiosk will be a popular addition to the Student Center, once students get comfortable using it.
He said there have been a few misunderstandings about the process and he wants students to understand the best way to use the service.
When a student swipes his card, a hold is automatically placed on that account.
This hold will either be for the purchase price of the movie or video game, $30 or $60 respectively, or for the price of a night’s rental, $1 or $2, respectively.
The night’s rental is charged to students who have registered on Pick-a-Flick’s website, pickaflickdvd.com.
Students who have not registered will have a hold of the purchase price placed on their account that is removed only when the movie or video game is returned.
Phelps said he also wants to stress that movies are due back the next day by noon, rather than the 9 p.m. Red Box deadline.
Anyone who fails to return a movie or video game within 10 days will be charged the purchase price and should keep the merchandise.
Rudkin said information is the reason for the different holds.
“If a student hasn’t registered at the website, the only information we have is the name that appears on the card they use,” he said. “We have no way to contact the student if he or she fails to return the merchandise. The hold is simply a way to protect ourselves.”
Rudkin said there are a lot of reasons to register .
He said becoming a member at the website has many benefits, such as reserving movies and getting promotional codes for discounts.
“A member can reserve a movie,” he said. “The machine will hold a movie up to 12 hours. If the student should fail to pick up the movie, he or she will still be charged for one night because the movie couldn’t be rented out to anyone else.”
He said he also encourages students to visit Pick-a-Flick DVD on Facebook.
He said eventually members will get promotional codes on their birthdays.
Rudkin said over 100 movies were rented from the kiosk in its first 10 days on campus.
He said the goal is to average 40 rentals per night.
“I want this endeavor to be profitable for all parties,” he said. “Supporting the machines will ensure they will be there in the future.”


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