Crystal Method to bring techno rock to Revolution


The Crystal Method, a highly successful techno duo from Los Angeles, Calif., will perform at the Revolution Music Room in Little Rock Saturday. If you are a fan of techno or electronica music, this show is one to mark on your calendars.

Established in 1989, the band produced its first albums out of a bomb-shelter studio in front of their house. The duo is widely known as the American answer to the British Chemical Brothers, another highly successful techno duo. The Crystal Method’s latest album, 2004’s “Legion of Boom,” was nominated for a Grammy and featured the single “Born Too Slow” that many gamers would recognize from the “Need for Speed: Underground” soundtrack. The band also appears regularly in movie trailers and soundtracks, so it’s highly likely you’ll hear something you know.

The Crystal Method produces accessible, energetic, danceable tracks, often utilizing vocal samples along with an array of technological wizardry. Their music is often described as techno for rock music fans. Sample tracks can be found on iTunes; because tickets are on the expensive side, it might be better for some to check them out beforehand.

The duo’s music is featured heavily at many of the dance clubs in Little Rock, so if you enjoy driving beats and electronic blips, definitely check them out in person. Live techno performances are a unique experience that everyone should enjoy at least once.

Tickets are $25 and are available at Revolution Music Room’s Web site,


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