Annual Fall Fest Attracts Crowd, Takes Advantage Of Clear Weather


Amusement rides, food booths and gift vendors occupied the parking lot east of the HPER for the Student Activities Board’s annual Fall Fest on Oct. 23.

Because students already pay SAB fees with their annual university fees, they were able to enjoy the rides, foods and gifts at no additional cost.

Graduate student and SAB President Bertita Barrientos said the event went well, everything started on time and the Fall Fest volunteers worked hard.

Vendor gifts included tie-dye shirts, ring engravings and caricatures.

Freshman Stormy Williams said the vendor items at Fall Fest were of a surprisingly good quality.

“It’s a really good event,” Williams said. “It’s above the expectations I had for Fall Fest.”

Freshman Zack Smalling said the event was similar to small town fairs and agreed that the quality of the items was higher than what you would normally expect from such an event.

Williams said she was surprised that a balloon artist at the festival was creating “Pokémon” characters, instead of more traditional balloon creatures, like swans and butterflies.

Because Fall Fest was so popular, there were many long lines at the event. Sophomore Bailey Lossing said she waited an hour in line for the balloon artist.

Despite the wait, Lossing said Fall Fest would be a good event to hold for more than one day and that the weather was good for the festival.

“The weather is perfect,” Lossing said. “It’s perfect festival weather.”

Barrientos said that it was fortunate that the weather was sunny for Fall Fest because the
weekend had been rainy.

“We got so lucky because yesterday was crazy,” Barrientos said. “Today was the perfect

Shortly before the event ended, a group of students gathered near the rock-climbing wall to dance to music played on speakers.

SAB members prepare for Fall Fest, it’s the board’s largest event, for a year.

“Seeing how people are enjoying themselves, seeing everyone have fun, makes it enjoyable for me,” Barrientos said.


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